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ABOUT We Provide the “Just Right” We are a production partner for our customers and we want to be a “good counselor” as well. Precisely because we have such a familiar presence, we can identify what the customer truly needs and provide the just right solution.


1 One Stop Solution

From the defining requirements to implementation, we are focused on creating systems that can supply a series of steps in just one stop.This is because the sense of speed and the osmotic force of mutual understanding of communication will be considered to be maximized

2 Actively Supporting New Technologies and Device Support

We have come to actively tackle while utilizing those such as smartphone systems, HTML5, and in-house projects. Additionally, we have been working together on projects in conjunction with Tokyo Metropolitan University’s laboratory and on development and production in the research field.

3 Regardless of the Genre, We’re Tackling It

We’ve been involved in so many projects regardless of the client’s request in areas such as advertising, corporate sites, EC sites, and system development. That’s why we will continue to your suggestions with the knowledge we have acquired.

4 Human Communication

Footwork is light and we are realizing quick communication. Also, keeping in mind the importance of the idea of “analog”, when it comes to socializing with people no matter to the age we’re living in, we will build a close communication with the client.

5 Global Support

We have international staff, so we can support your needs in English, Korean, Spanish and also Japanese.

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