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Control system (embedded system) software development refers to the development of software that is incorporated into microcomputers (microcontrollers) found in various products such as home appliances, cell phones, audio-visual equipment, and automobiles.

Most of the products around us, including home appliances, have various functions that are controlled by software. The job of a control system engineer is to develop a system to implement the functions that make the product's hardware operate according to specifications, and then to incorporate that system into the product.

In addition, in the field of IoT (short for Internet of Things), which has become a buzzword in recent years, products that used to operate on their own can now be controlled in various ways via the Internet. Control system engineers are expected to play a major role in increasing the usefulness of the CPU boards that control these devices.

Since our establishment in 2003, ANKH Systems has been involved in a number of control and embedded system development projects.
Some of our engineers have been involved in this field for a long time, since the days of 4-bit chips, and we continue to take on various challenges, such as the latest sensor ring technology and linkage with other terminals, to keep up with changing technology trends.


Since its inception in 2003, ANKH Systems has been involved in the following projects:

  • Car icon

    Audio functions for car navigation systems
    Development language: C

    Responsible for audio functions in car navigation systems that are standard equipment for automobile manufacturers.

  • Pachinko icon

    Amusement machine control system
    Development language: C

    Responsible for the development of LCD and LED light functions for pachinko and pachislot machines.

  • Train icon

    Bullet train control software
    Development language: C

    We were in charge of the development of the system that controls the brakes, main converter, ATC (Automatic Train Control) and other devices installed in the Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet) trains.

  • Music icon

    Sound middleware for DSP
    Development language: C

    Engaged in the development of various decoders used for formats such such as mp3, aacPlus, and WMA. This DSP is used in cell phones and DVD recorders.

  • AV icon

    3-in-1 AV equipment model for North America
    Development language: Assembly

    For the North American market, we were responsible for multiple operation interface functions for English, Spanish, and French.

Microcontrollers with a proven track record of development

  • Renesas Electronics Corporation

    78K Family, V850 Family, SuperH family

  • NXP

    CoolFluxDSP, etc.

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Do you have difficulty with control software development?

We develop control software to be embedded in home appliances,
in-vehicle devices, and amusement devices.

We are also working on building services that make use of multiple terminals, such as linking various devices with smartphone applications.

From developing new software development to adding functions to existing software, refactoring, etc.
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