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SERVICES Optimally delivering to our customers solutions that specialize in the digital domain.


I’d like to make a request, but what should I do?

You can use the inquiry form on our website, or please call us.
(※For urgent requests, we recommend contact by telephone.)

Also, we will give you a free estimate, so feel free to contact us by the inquiry form.



From outside Japan call: +81-6-6244-0808



From outside Japan call: +81-3-6257-1701


We are not in Osaka or Tokyo, so how will we have a meeting?

Even if you are not residing in Osaka or Tokyo, by a combination of voice call and chats through Skype,
we are providing online meetings, and even those via telephone.

After applying, what will the flow be like?

After receiving the application we will confirm with you by phone or email the contents of your consultation, and then we will arrange the meeting day. For details, please see our website’s production flow.

About how much is the production cost?

Depending on what kind of things the client desires, the production cost will change,
and therefore there is no cost list available.
If it is the creation of a webpage, the cost will vary depending on the number of pages,
production method, and whether or not there is system introduction.

What is the rough delivery time of website production?

Depending on the production contents the client desires, the time varies,
but we usually aim to finish in about 2 months after our meeting.
When clients have prepared the copies and photographs that they will put on the website,
the production will proceed smoothly.

Can we request continual update services?

In regards to operations / updates after product delivery, we will accept them at a separate fee.
We will present the costs to you at the time of the estimate. Please consult us.

We want to do an in-house update, but is this possible?

Yes, at the time of product delivery we will make an update manual and receive payment.
At the time of update, if there are any problems or something strange please contact us.
Additionally, even if you are not a web expert, we are accepting construction of CMS
where you can do website updates and editing. Please consult us first.

Click here for the progress image.

Production Flow

Please feel free to consult us with any questions you might have.