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A web system is primarily defined as a system that can be used from a web browser.

We have a wealth of know-how accumulated through our experience in the development of many web systems, from small to large scale.
In addition to making proposals that meet the needs of our clients, we also strive to develop web systems that provide a higher level of satisfaction by pursuing deeper issues.

We can flexibly handle a wide range of development processes, from defining requirements to development using OSS, development from scratch, and post-release operation and maintenance.
Leave it to us to propose the solutions that fit your needs.


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    Major Retail Chain "Seiyu"
    Corporate Site Management CMS

    An original CMS developed from scratch using the "Ruby on Rails" framework.
    We are in charge of post-release maintenance, operation and upkeep.

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    NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
    "NHK MIRAIMAGINE" Update System

    A proprietary CMS that can be used stand-alone without an Internet connection.
    We proposed and developed this system as an update system that operates under strict security.

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    Congestion and reservation status collection for restaurants
    Reservation Cloud Web Service

    A cloud web service for receiving reservations, mainly for the restaurant industry.
    In addition to the perfection of the system, we also pursued usability in terms of screen design, speed, etc., to ensure a stress-free use of the system.

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    With a color simulation function
    Bicycle sales e-commerce site

    An e-commerce site with an added functionality that allows users to check the appearance of custom-made bicycles within the browser and smoothly move directly to ordering.
    The system uses a customized version of the OSS EC-CUBE.

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We have a great deal of experience in developing a variety of web systems, regardless of scale or technology.

"I want to set up a new CMS or e-commerce site", "Is it possible to implement such a system on the web?"

For any questions such as these, please feel free to contact us.


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